Thank you for considering Asberry Courts to be your new home. The following information outlines the approval for housing and rental guidelines for this community. Please note that you must be at least 18 to be a lease holder.  All household members 18 and above must complete an application and be approved in order to reside in the home.   


Applicable Deposits/ Fees:

Please take the time the time to review all lease requirements and rental guidelines before beginning the application process as most fees are non-refundable. Please note that this office accepts No cash payments. All payments may be made online or by check or money-order.

  • Application fee:             40.00 per person /70.00 per legally married couple (due with application) Non-refundable
  • Administrative fee:       60.00 per household (due upon approval of application) Non-refundable after 24hrs
  • Security Deposit Fee:    100 Minimum (scale is based on credit score and due prior to move-in)
  • Pet Deposit fee:             250.00 (due prior to pet occupancy along with current shot record) Non-refundable
  • Pet Rental Fee:               10.00 (due the 1st of each month)
  • Check Return Fee:         25.00 (due with remittance of money-order to cover the rent/fee)

 Rental Guidelines:

  • Must be a legal resident of the United States
  • Must meet Income Requirements*
  • No Previous Evictions
  • Acceptable Credit* and Criminal Report*
  • Satisfactory Landlord and/or Personal Reference
  • SENIORS ONLY - Monthly income must exceed 2.5 of the rent

*Income Requirements: Each Single Head of Household’s income must be at least 3x the monthly rent. Co-Heads or Roommate’s combined income must be at least 4x the rent.   
*Credit Report: All leases with a credit score of 550 or below may require a credible Co-Signer
*Criminal Report: Please be advised that there are strict guidelines in approving an applicant’s criminal report. The application may be denied  at the sole discretion of management  on the basis of but not limited to any charges (whether convicted or not) involving harassment or physical harm to another individual, sexual or moral related crimes, any drug related crimes, weapons charges, fraud, larceny or arson.  Some circumstances may require additional proof of rehabilitation in order to make a final determination of approval or denial.

(Note Co-Signers are only allowed for applicants with no credit history, a score of 550 or below, or applicants who do not meet the income guidelines.)

Required Documentation:
Valid License or Picture ID
Social Security Card or Proof of Alien Registration or Green Card
Income Verification (Copies of one month of recent pay stubs, personal annual tax returns, or previous  6 months of bank statements)
(Co-signers must provide income verification to show at least 5x the monthly rent along with an acceptable credit and criminal history)

Occupancy Guidelines:
2 people per bedroom maximum (Everyone in the household must be listed on the lease)
Visitors are not allowed to occupy premises for more than 2 weeks without prior written approval.  Anyone living on the property for 30 days must go through the application process to be approved as an occupant.  If under 18, parental proof or legal guardianship must be provided in order to add them to the lease.  (Household composition must remain within the occupancy standards)

Security Deposit Guideline:
Credit Score: 750 and above                                             100.00 deposit
Credit Score 700-749                                                        250.00 deposit
Credit Score 650-699                                                       350.00 deposit
Credit Score 601-650:                                                      500.00 deposit
Credit Score 600 or below                                                750.00 deposit

Proof of electric services must be in your name and be presented upon move-in. Water usage is sub-metered through Asberry Courts and you will receive a monthly bill to be paid along with you rent each month.  All Utilities must remain on throughout your lease term.

Vehicle and Parking Policy:
Parking spaces are not assigned however only 2 spaces per household is allotted for residents. Visitors and additional resident vehicles should park in the visitors parking area. Only vehicles in good repair and current tags are allowed. Vehicles leaking grease and oil are not allowed on the premises. Vehicle maintenance or washing is not permitted on the premises.  The parking of oversized and/or commercial vehicles to include tractor trailers, tractors, trailers, delivery trucks, boats, work trucks, etc. are not allowed without prior written  approval from management and will be towed at owner’s expense. Any violations of this policy that requires remedy shall be at the expense of the tenant and/or registered vehicle owner.

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